The Power of Employee Recognition

Recognition is a powerful tool for reinforcing your company’s most valuable asset – your employees. When done right, recognition and reward programs create a positive work environment and motivate employees to stay on top of their game.


80% of employees are motivated to work harder when appreciated

Team morale

60% of employees value recognition more than money


Employee recognition programs reduce turnover by 24-59%

Boost Your Corporate Culture

Recnice takes the four elements of employee recognition and turns them into employee satisfaction. Take meaningful recognition and personalized rewards, combine it with real-time feedback and optimized benefits, and create a corporate culture that empowers your employees.

Why Recnice?

If you want to recognize and reward employees effectively, you need a tool that makes it easy. With Recnice, you can quickly integrate and effortlessly manage an employee recognition program that fits your needs. Give employees the recognition they deserve — and ensure your best talent stays with your organization for the long haul.
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Flexible configuration

Customize your employee recognition processes every step of the way in line with your industry, team size, and business needs.

Easy synchronization

Seamlessly integrate all employee data with a new recognition program using corporate Azure Active Directory account.

No extra work for HR

Optimize your current benefit package, gather practical feedback, and implement a new rewards and recognition program without extra work for your HR department.

Budget monitoring and forecasting

Use virtual money represented in local currency to estimate and forecast the budget for your employee recognition program.

Our Success Story

What makes a good rewards and recognition program? We did our research and found the most effective way to recognize employees. And now, we’re sharing it with you!
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Corporate currency

Recnice recognition and reward processes work on top of the corporate currency. It motivates your team to share feedback, appreciate each other, and turn recognition into valuable gifts.

Email templates

Sending automatic greeting emails is easy with Recnice! It lets you configure emails for corporate occasions and distribute corporate currency among employee groups associated with the greetings.

Corporate gift shop

With Recnice, employees can redeem corporate currency into the gifts they love. This adds more gamification to employee recognition, as you can list non-material gifts like a lunch with the CEO or a day off.

User provisioning

Thanks to integration with your corporate Azure Active Directory, all user profiles and groups are automatically synced with Recnice. All you need is to keep your user groups data valid. Recnice will do the rest!

Real-time feedback

Recnice lets you gather employee feedback in real time. Compared to traditional 360 surveys, real-time feedback drives high performance through flexibility, accuracy, and consistent employee engagement.

Budget analysis

Recnice provides a clear understanding of all spending related to your employee recognition program. Experiment with the configuration and explore your budget forecasting capabilities to always stay within budget.


All you need to get started
per user
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This plan includes:
30-day free trial period
Single Sign-On (SSO) support
Azure AD user/group provisioning
Build flexible recognition process
Schedule automatic rewards
Send rewards manually
Customizable email templates
Rollback mistaken actions
Gift shop management
Gift cards support
Gifts stock management
Budget management
Experiment with a draft budget
Key reports and program metrics
Recnice Bot (MS Teams)


More benefits for mid sized teams
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Additionally includes:
Custom theme & branding
Multiple funds support
Delegate funds management
Rewardable 360 surveys
Rewardable training surveys
Craft team-specific challenges
Automated achievements badges
Nominations and awards
Extended access management
Financial reports and more


Take full advantage for large teams
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Additionally includes:
Delivery services support
Skills management
Find people by skills
Performance appraisals
OKR management
Custom integrations
Full access to analytics & reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Still feeling unsure? These might help!
Why is employee recognition important?
Employee recognition creates a positive work environment and boosts team morale. Studies show that recognizing and rewarding employees improves their productivity and performance, as well as reduces turnover rates.
How to implement an employee recognition program?
Here are some tips to get you started with an employee recognition program: 1) Track employees' accomplishments; 2) Decide what and when you want to recognize; 3) Make sure everyone is aware of how to be recognized;4) Encourage managers and supervisors to share feedback and give rewards, and 5)Use Recnice to handle your recognition and reward program!
What is the impact of not having a rewards and recognition program?
The impact of not having a rewards and recognition program is significant. Without a way to reward employees for their efforts, they may feel unappreciated and unmotivated. This leads to lower productivity and engagement, and ends up in high employee turnover.
How do I pay for the service?
If you purchase products using a credit card associated with your Azure account, all purchases will be consolidated on a single invoice and billed to the credit card of your choice. If you are a large customer, you can purchase using an Enterprise Agreement. With an EA, any software purchases are automatically included in your Azure invoice.
What are the limits of the Free plan?
There are no limitations for the free trial period. However, only app Admins are allowed to receive email notifications by default. You can change this setting anytime when ready to use Recnice at full power. Notice that the Free trial plan automatically converts to a paid Basic plan at the end of the trial period unless you cancel the subscription before the trial period ends.
Do I need to import users to Recnice?
Recnice supports Azure Active Directory user provisioning. It means it will automatically create or delete user accounts when people join or leave your organization. You can reuse your existing user groups and link them with specific corporate events.
What is the actual rate of the corporate currency?
You can change the currency rate of your employee recognition program depending on the frequency of your corporate events, number of users, gift prices, and your planned budget.
How do I see my recognition program spending?
Recnice provides in-built budgeting that shows rewards and recognition program expenses in month-by-month view. It helps you forecast the company’s spending to meet your current needs. Use draft mode and try different settings to see how you can optimize your budget.
How do I manage the gift shop?
All you need is to prepare the list of gifts and publish it to the gift shop with relevant photos, descriptions, and prices. Ensure gifts availability and their delivery to employees by tracking the order status.